New Construction Homes

Central Texas has hundreds of fine home builders that provide the latest innovations in new home construction.  Whether you're "moving up" to a new home or this is your first purchase, we will help you select the builder and community that meets your criteria.

We can provide information on builders' specialties, floor plans, communities as well as their corporate vision, stability and performance.

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Sell Your Home

You want to sell your home.  We'll sell it.

We have a marketing system that sells homes.  Many agents still use traditional methods that aren't as effective as before.  On the other hand, the newest wave of discount agents rely too much on technology and give minimal service leaving you to do the heavy lifting.  Our system is the best of both worlds to help you sell for the best price and within your time frame.

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Buy a Home

If you prefer an existing pre-owned home, we'll help you find THE one that you'll be proud to call your own.

Most buyers start their search on the Internet.  However, once you have an idea of what you're looking for, take advantage of the services that a REALTOR® provides.  We can give you all the information you'll need to help you find just the right home.  Then we'll help negotiate the best purchase.  You'll get 5 star service!

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Our Great State

"When I die, I may not go to heaven
I don't know if they let cowboys in.
If they don't, just let me go to Texas
'Cause Texas is as close as I've been."
Ed Bruce

"When I buy, I know I'll be in heaven
'Cause Texas is the place where I'll be.
I'll find my home, when I go see the Realtors
At Great State of Texas Realty."
Ray Villarreal

It's a fact.  People all over the world  recognize the word "Texas."  Those of us who live here understand why.  We're big.  We have abundant resources.  Why, we could be our own country...oh, that's right, we once were!  We love it here despite the fact that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk in summer and it's been said that Texas-sized mosquitoes have absconded with unattended small children.

Well, you can't believe everything you hear.  But you can certainly believe that you're in the right state and that we'll help you be in the right home!

We're here for you.

State of Texas

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