Reasons for Moving

Moving Truck

How many times have you moved?  According to statistics from the Census Bureau, Americans move over eleven times in their lifetime.  Renters tend to move every three to five years while homeowners move every five to ten years.

Why do people move?  These are among the top reasons:

  • Want a better home and neighborhood
  • Current home is too small, too large or no longer meets needs
  • Want to stop renting
  • Move closer-to/farther-from family
  • Relationship change
  • Job relocation or change
  • Want to start a business in more favorable location
  • Move closer to work to reduce commute
  • Move to or from college
  • Want a change of climate
  • Want a new start

I can personally pick three of them for my wife and me to move this year!   If you have a reason for moving, now is the perfect time to start planning, because I'm paying home buyers and sellers to move!  Just a short phone call, email or text message will let you know how much and the other details.  Contact me now before you get busy with something else!

Get paid to move!

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2018 Parade of Homes

The 2018 Parade of Homes is at Miralomas, just west of Boerne on Texas 46. Beautiful country out that way. The homebuilders (Casadomaine Custom Homes, Garner Custom Homes, Mike Hollaway Custom Homes, Prestige Homes and Sitterle Homes) did an outstanding job with these luxury homes. Here's a sampling:

DPA (Down Payment Assistance) and Other Funds

I had the good fortune to attend SABOR's seminar on programs that might be able to help you buy a home. In short, there are many guidelines in place that determine eligibility, but there are grants (AKA: free money) and forgivable second loans that could make thousands of dollars available to you. These programs are made possible by organizations at the local, state and national levels and, in some cases, can even be combined.

The funds are available for existing homes as well as new construction homes.

Call me if this sounds like something you'd like to look into. 210.418.2020

And the Winner is….

The results of June’s Referrals Contest are in.  And the winner is….  Tony Carrizales!

July’s prize is a 2nd Generation Echo smart speaker with Alexa.  From smart home capabilities to great music to an amazing digital assistant – this is definitely a must-have!  And you could win it fairly easily.  Just put us in touch with anyone you know that is thinking about moving.  To get started, click on the Referrals link in the menu above.  Good luck!


SABOR Realtor Builder Committee

I attended the San Antonio Board of Realtors’ Realtor Builder Committee meeting Wednesday, June 13th and had the pleasure of meeting several fine members of our Realtor® and affiliates community.  I’m hoping that our paths will continue to cross in the future.

Godsend? The absolute high point of the event was meeting Delayna Kessler, Marketing & Business Development Specialist with BuilderBoost.  It appears that they will be an extremely valuable resource in that they are providing much of the same information that we’ve been compiling!  They, too, are relatively new and are in the process of developing their San Antonio database to provide the same level of information and services as they do in Austin.  Because they concentrate on production home builders, we still have work to do.  Production builders represent about 19% of the builders registered with the Greater San Antonio  Home Builders Association.  (I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pareto Principle is in effect here!)  We are looking forward to working closely with them and the other new home builder resources so that we can give you, our clients, the absolute best service possible.

Moving Right Along…

Much has happened in the last couple weeks.

  • The most important is that we continue to gather information on local builders, their communities and the homes they build so that we can serve you better.  We signed up for the annual new homes bus tour benefiting the Texas Real Estate Political Action Committee (TREPAC).  This year they’ll be showing new homes in the northern part of San Antonio.  I’ll let you know what we find.
  • We had no takers for last month’s contest so we shifted May’s prize to June.  We also added a Referrals form to make it easier to submit your entries.  Make your entries HERE.
  • We updated our booklet to better reflect what we offer.  Check it out HERE.
  • We need to take a moment to thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.  God is listening!